VIDEOCLUB is dead — long live EMIRAAT

For quite a while we have withdrawn ourselves from public to work on our music. Over time this phase has proven to be the ending of VIDEOCLUB. For us and for our companions this era ends as a new one begins. This is why we have decided to take a new bandname — EMIRAAT. We are Elías, Felix, Jurek, Ramón and Sebastian. In EMIRAAT we’re still the same friends making music as we have been in VIDEOCLUB. So why EMIRAAT and no longer VIDEOCLUB?

The music has evolved in a way for us, where in the end of this phase we felt having created something that feels different from everything VIDEOCLUB has been doing. The new works would not integrate with the old collection of those many spontaneously taken pictures and fantastic coming of age stories, that have been typical for VIDEOCLUB — ever since we had met in an industrial area of Münster, Germany for the first time. The questions have changed, the emotions we convey are different, the relationships, rehearsal habits and haircuts are others. The authors of this new chapter are still the same, however they have started to write a new book. The title of this book is EMIRAAT.

We want you to read along while the book EMIRAAT is being filled with stories. Thus, we setup several digital channels for you to follow: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / YouTube / Vimeo / Our Website.

After all we are still very proud of VIDEOCLUB. We would like you to retrace the different stops of our way. Maybe even to stumble across exiting moments that you hadn’t discovered, yet. So we put together all VIDEOCLUB songs that have been released between 2007 and 2011 in this archive: